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The same smart marketing that's scaled 10,000 brands — now done for you.

For 15 years, Smart Marketer has unlocked growth for businesses of all sizes (while generating $200 million for our own brands). 

Now, work with our Agency to get this proven system tailored to your needs and executed by our results-driven team.

Molly Pittman, Ezra Firestone, Pepijn Hufen and John Grimshaw.
10,000 brands scaled
$200 million in revenue

Case Study

Scaling ella+mila from $1,500/day to $11,000/day in profitable ad spend.

ella+mila is a prestige beauty brand that specializes in high quality nail polish that’s free of harmful ingredients.

While they were doing well in wholesale (Target, CVS), ella+mila struggled to acquire customers online. They were spending $60,000+ per month, but it wasn’t profitable. And their target metric — new customer return on ads spend (NCROAS) — was just 77%.

Then in May 2022, ella+mila started working with us at the Smart Marketer Agency, where we quickly established 2 goals: 1) Get acquisition profitable, and 2) Increase ad spend.

To do that, we started with an in-depth audit of their ad account. This helped us identify 2 opportunities for increasing profitability and spend.

First, we mapped out several new customer avatars to help us reach untapped audiences. Then, we created new offers based on these avatars. These 2 steps assured we were getting the right offers in front of the right customers.

Lastly, we completely overhauled the ad account structure. We increased the number of ad sets, and switched focus to ABO over CBO. This allowed us to scale the budget consistently, while building a durable ad account that wouldn’t suffer from big dips in spend when a single campaign fatigued.

By February 2023, we were up to $11,000/day in profitable spend at a 145% NCROAS.

While normally you have to choose between increasing spend or ROAS, we were able to do the (almost) impossible: 

We scaled the budget while boosting profitability.

new customer return on ads spend
77 %

We were onboarded last month and… life changing. The best decision ever. Molly, Pep, Kate, Dennis… everyone. They are so amazing. They fill the gaps you don’t know you have.”

5 stars

Narineh Bedrossian

CEO & Founder, ELLA+MILA

Our Services

Facebook, TikTok & Google Ads

We plan, launch & scale ad campaigns that grow your brand while fitting strategically with the rest of your marketing.

You're in good hands — our media buying team manages millions of dollars in profitable ad spend every month.

Years of experience building ad funnels for brands in different markets and industries (ecommerce, info, SaaS, you name it).

Email Marketing

Our 4-Step Growth Roadmap unlocks your hidden email revenue.

Here's How

First, we clean and re-engage your list to maximize deliverability, opens and clicks.

Second, we focus on list growth.

Third, we nurture and monetize.

Fourth, we continue building and optimizing key automations.

Our Agency

Our first-hand experience sets us apart.

Hey, I’m Ezra! I’m the founder of Smart Marketer, where we’ve been growing digital brands for over 15 years.

We’ve built our own businesses from scratch that have generated $200 million in revenue, and with our best-in-class trainings, we’ve educated hundreds of thousands of marketers and guided the growth of over 10,000 businesses.

Now, through our Agency you can get the same smart marketing that has produced years of consistent results — but 100% done for you.

Thanks to our first-hand experience, we understand your needs and challenges in ways that other agencies can’t. We’ve been where you are, and we know what it’s like to operate with limited resources in a crowded marketplace.

John Grimshaw, Molly Pittman and Pepijn Hufen

That’s why we don’t just deliver premier ads and email services; we work closely with your team to give you the strategy and support that drives consistent, long-term growth.

Over the years, our team has done this repeatedly for brands across multiple industries (info, ecommerce, SaaS, you name it).

If you become a client, all we ask is that you commit to a close, hands-on relationship so we can be as impactful as possible for your brand.

What Clients Say

We’ve gone from a $5 million run rate to maybe a $15 million run rate in 3–4 months…

They’ve been professional, they’ve been very proactive, great communication…

As someone who’s gone through 3 or 4 agencies in the past and have canned them all because they were just terrible, this has been a great breath of fresh air…

I honestly couldn’t recommend them highly enough.”

5 stars

Ben Jones


We’ve been working with the Smart Marketer Agency for over a year and it’s been a great experience so far.

We love working with them– super responsive, professional, they know what they’re doing, and they always go above and beyond.

5 stars

Alexandra Eidens

CEO & Founder, Big Life Journal

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